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Obtain Osmium Powder & Ruthenium Powder As Per Specific Requirement. 

New Arrivals

Ruthenium Metal Powder
2050 INR/Gram
100 Pack/Packs
99.95% Ruthenium Powder
2150 INR/Gram
100 Pack/Packs
Pure Ruthenium Powder
2300 INR/Gram
100 Gram/Grams
100g Pure Ruthenium Powder
2450 INR/Gram
100 Pack/Packs
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Featured Products

Ruthenium Grey Sponge Powder
MOQ: 100 Gram/Grams
2150 INR/Gram
85% Ruthenium Powder
MOQ: 100 Pack/Packs
1850 INR/Gram
99.9% Ruthenium Sponge Powder
MOQ: 100 Gram/Grams
2050 INR/Gram
Grey Ruthenium Metal Powder
MOQ: 100 Gram/Grams
2250 INR/Gram

Best Seller

1000g Osmium Powder
1550 INR/Gram
100 Pack/Packs
100g Osmium Sponge Powder
1650 INR/Pack
100 Pack/Packs
Pure Osmium Powder
1700 INR/Gram
100 Gram/Grams
Osmium Sponge Metal Powder
1600 INR/Pack
100 Pack/Packs
Osmium Grey Powder
2150 INR/Pack
100 Pack/Packs
About MD Enterprises And Chemical

In a period of ten years, we, have enhanced our position in the marketplace by meeting rising demands of Osmium and Ruthenium that are hugely known platinum group of metals. It is the deep desire to gain strong foothold in the industry that is making us standout in the market as a trader. We are constantly pushing our boundaries and thereby forging strengthened relationships by meeting customers requirements. Our company has garnered huge acceptance by providing quality comparatively higher than competitors. 

We are handling our management in a sincere manner by emphasizing on mutual business success. At our company, we are doing everything that is mandatory to keep our clients rest assured that none except us can be a successful partner for their future endeavors. 

We are solving needs associated with Osmium Sponge Metal Powder, Ruthenium Metal Powder, Ruthenium Sponge Powder and other similar items. Our company is indeed a worthwhile choice across the marketplace because guaranteed quality is served from our side. 

Low Pricing Agenda

We have adopted this low pricing agenda to maintain customer flow in the business. From the past many years, we have been applying low price factor to gain more customers. We are maintaining this strategy in order to attract customers and therefore earn huge profits. Our company has fueled revenue in the fastest manner by satisfying legions of customers with our pricing system. We offer high on quality offerings at low rates. Our provided products are easy for customers to acquire by paying as minimum as possible as per industry standards. 

How We Rise?

  • We maintain rich vendor base to effortlessly execute our sourcing process and thus meet demands of market.
  • Our company applies strict quality inspection in order to measure accuracy and composition of our offered products.
  • We maintain safest transportation routes to ship our ordered products in the most excellent manner possible.
  • Our company renders supreme assortment encompassing Ruthenium Sponge Powder and many other products for all customers.
  • We ensure conducting business in a transparent manner to earn trust of our customers.
  • Our entity maintains aforementioned powders in standard sizes so as to meet requirements of our potential customers.

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